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” We go to space where there is very little to work with.  We are known to make things happen ” 


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We drive long-term value, that is why we are sustainable in the long-run.

  • Business Development

  • Sales

  • Sales & Marketing

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  • Marketing

  • Digital

  • Client Management

  • Client Support

  • Communications

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We drive online activities, because more can benefit with less

  • Content

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We work on Science & Math because we think like an Artist.

  • Web & Mobile

  • Software

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We work on things we don’t know, that is why tomorrow is always different.

  • Financial

  • Non-Financial

  • Economics

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If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – Albert Einstein

  • Information

  • Research

  • Engineering

  • Product

  • Business

  • Strategy

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People are our asset and our liability, that is why we go to work, go for a drink before we go home.

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We aim to be out of work, which is our best administrative policy invented.

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If you are crazy enough to be here.  Looking for the next invention of . by creating the right environment.

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Finance Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

“People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results”

– Albert Einstein

Join our Graduate Program

Are you fresh out from college?  Are you looking for an exciting career? Are you trying to understand more about our business?

Stop wasting your time.  Be the one to chart the history of the company.  Are you up to the challenge?

Join our Associate Program

Are an experienced professional?  Do you have specialised skill sets? Are you looking to build a company that will have huge impact of the economy and society?

We are not the company.  But we build what lasts forever.  What lasts forever?  Are you a dreamer or are you a doer?  Whoever you are, you might just be the person we need.

Join our Management Associate Program

Are you a cut above the rest?  Do you need all the resources to support whatever you do?  Time for a new challenge?

Challenge yourself to a whole new level.  Work with the worst people we can find.  We make all the bad decisions so that you can fix the problems.  We explore work in which few do, simply because we are ignorant.  If you can’t sit still, is humble, grounded, arrogant, obnoxious, it doesn’t matter.  Join a company that will make a difference to yourself, because you are making a difference to the future of Asia.

Join our Internship Program

If you think like an intern, don’t join us.  Our best intern think like our best paid employee, which is really the worst idea to begin with.

Our best employee think about the future, and we have no idea what he or she or … … is thinking.  We do the work few do.  We do boring work.  If you are having a vacation, bored in school or want to do something meaningless, we might just be the co. you want to join.  Work from anywhere, anytime.

Join our Community Program

Do you want to contribute to the financial industry?  Do you feel that many areas can be improved?  Do you have information you need you can’t find?  Do you need information or research you have no time for?

Look no further, join our community program us do the work for you.

  • Banking

  • Private Banking

  • Private Wealth Management

  • External Asset Management

  • Multi-Family Office

  • Independent Financial Advisory

  • Fund Management

  • Asset Management

  • Private Equity

  • Hedge Fund

  • Investment Banking

  • Brokerage

  • Insurance

  • Reinsurance

Join our Partners Program

Do you need research and information?  Are you looking to grow your business?  Do you need network?  Do you have difficulty maintaining quality and sustainable work?

Join our Partners Program and gain access to our exclusive research, information, product and solutions.

  • Consultants

  • Researchers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Universities

  • Charities & NGOs

  • Media / Publications

Join our Consultant Program

Do you need research and information?  Are you looking to grow your business?  Do you need network?  Do you have difficulty maintaining quality and sustainable work?

Join our Consultant Program and gain access to our exclusive research, information, product and solutions.

Join our Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the financial industry and how it drives global economy and social growth?  Do you want to support the growth of a generation of financial professionals?

If you want to help a young professional or fresh graduate navigate in the complex financial industry, join our Ambassador Program today.

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In the markets, the markets are a pure meritocracy. When we put a trade on the bond market, there’s no branding that goes on that trade! You’re right or you’re wrong. The markets are the ultimate meritocracy and if your organization isn’t a meritocracy, you’re just going to be fooling yourself or you’re going to bang your head into a wall

– Bob Prince

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